“Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.”– Joel Barker.

Welcome to VPG

VPG is a direct marketing firm that specializes in representing large fortune 100 to 500 clients, while connecting local communities to these clients at the same time. Many large companies use indirect advertising or word of mouth to promote their brand. These methods are not effective enough to obtain the results that large clients require, and that is where we come in.

The VPG Approach

Our Philosophy

VPG provides long lasting, quality relationships with the world’s largest organizations to customers, and combines face-to-face interaction with technology in order to create advancement for branding, growth and revenue. At VPG we deal with consumers, small to medium sized business owners, as well as large events in the area. Our philosophy here at VPG is to bringing back a smile and a handshake to our large client’s customers.  We take and interpersonal approach and combine it with cutting edge technology to procreate measurable results that cannot be matched.

VPG was founded on a world-class work ethic, outstanding morals, unique culture, and a competitive edge that our large clients cannot deny.

Our People

We teach, train, and develop all of our team members from within so we can guarantee our team’s are well versed in any service or business model any of our numerous clients demand.   


We pride ourselves on our company culture. Our culture at VPG has always been high energy and positive.  We maintain a “work hard, play hard” attitude and believe that achieving a goal should be rewarded.  


Our team members go through extensive training so that we can ensure our team and management staff can meet the needs of any client we chose to take on for our ever-growing organization.  

Why VPG?

Because of our unique business model at VPG we are one of the fastest growing small businesses in Michigan.  


At VPG we strive to obtain not only professional growth but also personal growth. That's why client's choose us!


Here at VPG we believe that philanthropy is one of the greatest ways to make the community around us a stronger and better place.

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